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150w Led High Bay Light GL-08B

May 17, 2016 8:32 am

led high bay light

Product feature:

1. Energy efficient light source with high luminous efficiency. Imported LED chip, optical efficiency of up to 100-1301m/w. compared with the metal halide lamp can save more than 60% energy.

2. Casing material using tensile aluminum, heat fast, good heat dissipation performance

3. Compact structure, protection grade IP65, surface anodic oxidation, corrosion protection grade WF2

4. Radiator uses 6063 aluminum alloy, heat conduction coefficient is 201W/mk.

5. The design of sun fancy heat radiation, the chip consistency directly with the aluminum completely, to ensure the best thermal conductivity.

6. Environmental protection without pollution. No lead, mercury; no infrared, ultraviolet radiation

7. Light comfortable even no shadow. Good color rendering, color temperature close to the sunlight

8. The power supply of constant current and constant voltage control. Can withstand the power fluctuations, no noise, no stroboscopic.

9. Reflector has a small angle and large angle two options to meet the needs of different heights of lighting.

Major Parameter:

Rated Voltage:AC 220V

Rated Power:LED 150W(200W Can be customized)

Luminous flux:150W  15000lm

Casing material:High strength aluminum alloy

Transparent part material: special steel glass

Waterproof level:IP66

Corrosion-proof level:WF2


Installation: hanging type, chain type

Reflector optional angle:45°/120°

Light distribution curve:150w led high bay light

Installation diagram:industrial led high bay light