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80W LED Down light GL-08D

May 17, 2016 8:19 am

80W Led Down Light GL-08D


1, Light source uses highly efficient LED chip, light efficiency reaches to 100-130lm/v,  saving more than 60% energy in comparison to halogen lamp.

2, Diecasted hard aluminum alloy casing with pressure-casted formation, surfacing high voltage electrostatic powder coated , rust resistant and corrosion resistant. IP65 and WF2

3, Pure aluminum reflector has been processed by rotary press modeling, polishing and anodic oxidation, it never changes color and has high light reflection.

4, Reflector has two types: 30° and 50° , it can meet different lighting requirements.

5, The heat-dissipating uses the way of composite phase-change pure copper with AA6063 material, 201W/mK thermal conductivity. It passes the heat from the light source to the fins with excellent heat conductivity to rapidly decrease the light source’s temperature, thus extending the light source’s life time and decreasing the light’s attenuation.

6, Module-style fitting design, makes maintenance more convenient and faster.

7, Transparent grid design, uniform illumination and non dazzle.

8, It can be mounted as exposed, suspended or hoisted.

Major Parameter

1, Power: 80W

2, Wide voltage design: rated 220V, workable among AC85V ~ AC265V

3, Driver’s efficiency can reach 95%, tolerance of constant current can be controlled under 5%, light works more stably.

4, LED chip temperature is less than 85 Celsius degrees.

5, LED lifetime may be 500,000+ hours

6, Mounting methods: suspended, hoisted

7, Illumination flux: 80W,7650lm

8, Weight: 5.2kg

Dimension80W Down LED Light GL-08D