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COB Lighting High Quality LED Flood Lights 50W GL-07A LED

May 17, 2016 8:54 am

GL-07A 50W


Advantages of GL-07A

  • Efficient imported LED chip for light source, patented integrated circuit packaging technology, LED light efficiency can reach 100-130lm/w, saving more than 60% energy in comparison to metal halide lamps.
  • Casing is made ofcasting Aluminum Alloy, it’s rust resistant, and withstands shock, heat.
  • High purity aluminum reflector, aluminum with original purity of 99.9% to be processed by anodic oxidation, anti-oxidation, anti-discoloration, good light reflection
  • 4mm steel glass transparent part,protects light source with high strength and 93% light transmittance.Mounting bracket can be rotated to the angle range of 280°, to meet various light casting requirement.
  • SUS304 installation fastener, corrosion resistant against air, water, acid, alkaline, salt and other chemical solutions, applicable to various dreadful environment for long time
  • IP65, WF2
  • Non-screw maintenance system, quick to start and convenient maintenance
  • Green, environment-friendly and no pollution: no lead, mercury and other harmful substancesinside the light source; no infrared or ultra-violet light, the light emitting from the light source won’t increase the air temperature; no noise and no any other pollutions to the environment


  1. Power:50W
  2. Wide range of input voltage, 220V rated utworkable at 85-265V
  3. Driverpower reaches 95% efficiency, and constant current accuracy is within 5%, making the LED work more stably.
  4. LED chip knot temperature ≤85°
  5. LED life time as long as 50000H
  6. installation method: wall-mounted, ceiled, seated
  7. luminous flux:20W,2000lm; 30W,3000lm; 50W,5000lm; 80W,8000lm
  8. Net Weight:3Kg