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Maintenance-free explosion-proof Led Lamp BGL-03A

May 17, 2016 7:59 am

BGL-03A Explosion-proof Led Lamp

Model: BGL-03A Maintenance-free explosion-proof lamp

Product features

1, High efficiency and energy-saving: imported integrated LED chip with high efficiency for light source, light efficiency reaching to 100-130lm/v, saving more than 60% energy in comparison to halogen lamp

2, Highest explosion-proof level, IP66, the whole lamp has the supreme explosion-proof protection performance.

3, Diecasted hard aluminum alloy casing with pressure-casted formation, surfacing high voltage electrostatic powder coated, rust resistant and corrosion resistant.

4, Design of cavities for light source and electric makes it efficiently avoid the heat from adding together, and so it has good heat dissipation performance, lamp is more stable and reliable.

5, Transparent high boron silicon toughed glass, anti-impact, collision and corrosion resistant, resistant to rapid heat change

6, With constant current & voltage control, and short-circuit & over voltage protection, driver can work even under fluctuated grid without noise or stroboflash.

7, Multi-mounting modes

Main parameters

Rated voltage:AC 220V

Rated power:LED 30W

Luminous flux:30W 3000lm

Casing material: High strength aluminum alloy

Transparent part material: Special toughed glass

Waterproof level: IP66

Corrosion proof level: WF2

Explosion-proof mark: Ex  dIIBT4  Gb/DIP


Mounting method: Wall mounting, Suspension mounting, Ceiling mounting, Flange mounting, Banister mounting

Distribution curve fluxbgl-03a 30w explosion proof led light

Mounting illustration30w explosion proof illustration BGL-03A