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Maintenance-free strong beam lamp GL-06B

April 28, 2016 7:59 am

100W IP65,High Power Led Flood Light

Product Features

1, High efficiency and low energy consumption: imported LED chip for light source, light efficiency can reach 100-130lm/w, saving more than 60% energy in comparison to metal halide lamps.

2, One single casting aluminum case, hi-po electrostatic powder plastic spraying surface, corrosion and rust resistent

3, 4mm special anti-dazzle steel glass, heat & impact resistant

4, Radiator consists of 22 pieces of 1070 aluminum radiating sheet, the heat transmitting index of 1070 aluminum is 226W/mk.

5, Environment friendly, no lead and mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet ray radiation

6, Even and comfortable light, no overlapping shadow; Good color rendering, color temperature close to the sunlight

7, Power with constant current and constant voltage control; can endure the undulation from the grid, no noise and no stroboflash.

8, Exterior fastener uses stainless steel, dainty and endurable.

9, Built-in or built-out power supply。


Major Parameter

Rated Voltage:AC 220V

Rated Power:LED 100W(120W custom made)

Luminous flux:100W  10000lm

Casing material: high strength aluminum alloy

Transparent part material: Special steel glass

Waterproof level:IP65

Corrosion-proof level:WF2



Mounting method: wall mounting, ceiling mounting and seat mounting


Product heat dissipation advantage

High thermal conductivity 6063aluminum radiating sheet: 201W/mK,it is 2.3 times higher than traditional ADC12 die-casting aluminium: 96W/mK.

  1. Chip substrateusing red copper,thermal conductivity: 401W/mk,capacity of heat transmission increased double times compared with aluminum 。
  2. ThermallyConductive Silicone use DOW CORNING,thermal conductivity: 3,gray color,it makes the chip heat passed  through thermal conductive silicone rapidly to the radiator fins. General lamps and lanterns manufacturers choose white thermal conductive silicone, heat conduction coefficient is 0.8~1.2
  3. Lighting up half an hour,negative spot weld temperature less than 65℃;fins in back temperature different in 5℃;chip temperature different with chip back also in 5℃.
  4. The heat sink thickening processing, greatly increases the heat dissipation area, heat faster and more efficient。
  5. Uniform light color


InstallationGL-06B 100W Flood light