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Maintenance-free Strong Beam Lamp GL-06C

April 28, 2016 8:18 am

GL-06C 150W Led Flood Light

Product Feature

  1. High efficiency and low energy consumption: imported LED chip for light source, light efficiency can reach 100-130lm/w, saving more than 60% energy in comparison to metal halide lamps.
  2. One single casting aluminum case, hi-po electrostatic powder plastic spraying surface, corrosion and rust resistent
  3. 4mm special anti-dazzle steel glass, heat & impact resistant
  4. Radiator consists of 22 pieces of 1070 aluminum radiating sheet, the heat transmitting index of 1070 aluminum is 226W/mk.
  5. Environment friendly, no lead and mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet ray radiation
  6. Even and comfortable light, no overlapping shadow; Good color rendering, color temperature close to the sunlight
  7. Power with constant current and constant voltage control; can endure the undulation from the grid, no noise and no stroboflash.
  8. Exterior fastener uses stainless steel, dainty and endurable.
  9. With exterior power supply for standard configuration; custom-made built-in power supply available; 2 pieces of integrated light source with dimension of 340*285*138mm, weight 6kg.

Major Parameter

Rated voltage:AC 220V

Rated power:LED 150W

Luminous flux:150W  15000lm

Casing Material:High strength aluminum alloy

Transparent part material:Special tough glass

Waterproof level:IP65

Corrosion-proof level:WF2



Mounting method:Wall mounting, ceiling mounting, seat mounting


GL-06C dimension