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Waterproof Protection Flood Light GL-07C

May 17, 2016 9:06 am

led flood light 150w

Product features

  1. IP65, anti-corrosion WF2
  2. Imported LED chip and patented integrated circuit packaging technology, LED light efficiency can reach 100-130lm/w, saving more than 60% energy in comparison to metal halide lamps.
  3. High hardness aluminum alloy casing, corrosion resistant against rust and heat.
  4. Non-screw maintenance system, easy to operate and maintenance.
  5. High purity aluminum reflector, with original purity of 99.9% to be processed by anodic oxidation, anti-oxidation, anti-discoloration, good light reflection.
  6. SUS304 installation fastener, corrosion resistant against air, water, acid, alkaline, salt and other chemical solutions, applicable to various dreadful environment for long time.
  7. 4mm steel glass transparent part, with light transmittance reaching 93%. Mounting bracket can be rotated to the angle range of 280°, satisfying various light casting requirement.
  8. No pollution, Green, and environment-friendly.

No lead, mercury and other harmful substance inside the light source;

No infrared or ultra-violet light, the light emitting from the light source won’t increase the air temperature;

No noise or any other pollution to the environment.



Main parameters Units Value
Power w 150
Rated voltage V 220
Luminous flux w/lm 150/15000
Waterproof level / IP65
Corrosion-proof level / WF2
LED chip knot temperature ° ≤85°
Life time h 50,000
Power factor % 95
Dimensions mm 430.25*330*60
Weight kg 5.6
Mounting method / wall mounting, ceiling mounting and seat mounting


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